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Hello, swimsuit season!

Published in Weight Management, For the Health of It Author: Michelle Lee, BS

The thought of warm weather, sun and beaches can cause sheer panic for many of us. Here are six attainable goals that can help make you feel more confident during swimsuit season. (Get your health care provider’s OK before starting a new exercise program.)

Get moving

Aim to move your body more. Use the stairs at work, try an exercise class or take advantage of the beautiful summer weather. Every single piece of activity adds up!


Push-ups are a great multi-tasking exercise because you are targeting six muscles at once: deltoids, triceps, biceps, pecs, abdominals and glutes. If you’re a beginner, start with a bent knee push-up.


When focusing on the butt and thighs, squats are recommended. Squat against a wall or into an invisible chair. For proper form, keep your feet hip width apart, knees over ankles and squeeze your abdominals to avoid arching your back.


These are a great option, but watch out for the little things that can add a lot of additional calories and fat such as: dressings, oils, croutons, bacon bits and cheese. For a low-fat more nutritious salad, keep it colorful.

Skip the salt

Eat fresh foods and try to stay away from more processed foods and ask for the sauce or dressing on the side when eating out. Too much sodium can cause fluid retention and make you feel bloated.

Stand taller and be confident!

Practice good posture by keeping your back straight and shoulders back. Good posture is the quickest easiest way to look and feel better. When you feel confident it’s apparent to those around you — own it!