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Grab & go protein

Published in Weight Management, For the Health of It Author: Alyssa Monson, Registered Dietitian

We’ve all been there . . . A meeting that went into your lunch break or a jam-packed schedule with no time to eat a meal before your children’s evening activities; leaving you hungry and tempted to stop at the closest fast food chain.

Having a Plan B (or even a Plan C!) can help you stave off hunger and keep you from eating the first thing in sight when you get home.

Check out these protein options to help you get through your day without snacking. Just pair these on-the-go proteins with a fiber food, such as a fruit or vegetable, to help you achieve fullness and stay there.

  • Jerky: Chicken, turkey and salmon jerkies are available. You can also choose a lower sodium version.
  • Soy nuts: Be mindful of the serving size! Check the package.
  • String cheese: Make sure to choose a low fat variety.
  • Protein bar: Easy to keep in your gym bag, desk or car on those days you are stuck without a protein choice.
  • Hard boiled eggs: Just make sure to keep them chilled.
  • Greek yogurt: Place in the freezer the night before for a refreshing, high protein option.