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Safe Place for Newborns

Published in Birthing Services, OB/GYN Services, For the Health of It Author: Melissa Lahn, MSN, RN, C-OB

At CentraCare Health, we urge women who have had a baby, are scared and don’t know what to do, to bring the newborn to one of our hospitals, urgent care clinics or any Safe Place for Newborns.

According to Minnesota law, an unharmed newborn — up to 7 days old — can be brought to any hospital or urgent care facility. A mother also can call 911 and give the baby to the ambulance staff. It is completely confidential and the police will not be notified. The hospital will give protective shelter, health care and aid to newborns. The health care providers will work with county social services to find a safe home for the baby.

Minnesota’s Safe Place for Newborns law was first enacted in 2000. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, three infants were given up in 2016 as part of Minnesota’s Safe Place for Newborns law, 10 infants in 2015 and six in 2014.

To find out more, visit Safe Place for Newborns - MN or their Facebook page.

Learn more about the Safe Place for Newborns law from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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