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Helping individuals 'return to sport'

Published in Weight Management, Sports Medicine Author: Dustin Henkelman

How many people do you know who have suffered an injury while doing physical activity? In the sports world, it seems that there are knee injuries, concussions and similar injuries happening in every game we attend or watch. To return to activity after an injury is not an easy task, but it is possible. Physical therapy is the first step in recovering from an injury. Sports Performance services are designed to get you ready to compete.

Sports Performance is part of our new programming at Lifestyle Health offering post-rehab options to help get individuals “return to sport.”

The program focuses on neuromuscular training and gross-motor-skill development that will help you return to performing at a level equal to or greater than pre-injury. Another service that Sports Performance offers is an injury prevention component. Injury prevention entails strengthening the muscles around a joint and programming safe and effective movements into skills.

We also offer gait evaluations. State of the art technology using multiple camera angles to videotape will be used to evaluate the biomechanics of walking or running. From this, we can identify inefficiencies or tendencies that have or could lead to injuries. Once this information has been processed, we can help design an exercise plan of action to correct tendencies or biomechanically make movements more efficient.

We also offer services tailored to sprinting and distance athletes, sport-specific or team training, and return to sport training. Individual or team sports training aims to improve specific goal set forth in an initial visit. Using our specialized equipment and expertise, we not only train athletes to their full potential but we are able to measure progress towards these goals. This service offers athletes — both young and old — a unique and specialized way of achieving their full potential.