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10 tips for avoiding mommy burnout

Published in Pediatrics Author: Sylvia Sundberg, MD

Moms, do the words overwhelmed, exhausted and overworked describe you? Try some of the following tips to add energy and joy back into your days.

  1. Ask for help. Dad, Grandma and a babysitter can be sanity savers. They may not care for the children and house in the exact way you would, but time away or to do other things is healthy and vital to your mental health.
  2. Get sleep. Sleep deprivation can make normal demands and tasks seem especially overwhelming. When possible, try to go to bed at a reasonable time and around the same time each night. And try to nap at the same time as your kids.
  3. Review your schedule. Do your commitments and activities match your family’s values? Are you overcommitting in certain areas? Does your schedule include time to invest in yourself, your partner and children?
  4. Say no. Learn to politely and confidently say “No.” The super mom is usually an unhappy mom.
  5. Evaluate your expectations. Take an inventory of how much you really do and accomplish in 48 hours. Your entire to-do list may not get finished each day, but is it a realistic set of tasks in your family’s stage of life?
  6. Consider a technology fast. Taking a day, week or month to fast from technology may help you unwind and allow you focused time with your family.
  7. Avoid perfectionism. No one and no mother is perfect, even if it looks that way on Facebook. Pinterest ideas are not always realistic, so don’t be afraid to lower your standards. The supper may have been a frozen pizza, dishes are still in the sink, and the laundry in the dryer, but your child will cherish the special memories you made with them.
  8. Do something you enjoy each day. Even if it is just for five minutes, make time to do an activity that rejuvenates you, whether it is calling a friend, taking a walk, reading a book, gardening or listening to music.
  9. Connect regularly with a trusted friend. The demands of motherhood can seem relentless. Finding a friend you can vent to will help you through the especially tough days. Her listening ear and encouragement will help you realize you aren’t alone in the challenges and struggles all moms face.
  10. Take care of your own health. When you are the caregiver, it can be easy to lose sight of your own health needs, but you need to maintain good health if you are going to continue to care for others.