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CentraCare among the first in Minnesota to offer hybrid closed loop technology to people with type 1 diabetes

Published in Media Releases Author: CentraCare

CentraCare Diabetes Center is proud to be one of the first in Minnesota to offer the MiniMed®670G system – the first FDA approved hybrid closed loop system. This advanced system is the first insulin pump to automatically deliver a personalized amount of background (basal) insulin needed by the body 24 hours a day. This device will learn the user’s insulin needs via an intelligent algorithm and deliver a tailored amount of insulin every five minutes to maximize the time their glucose levels stay in a healthy range.

“This technology is a significant breakthrough for patients with type 1 diabetes as it will take on more of the work for patients and alleviate some of the mental burden associated with daily management,” said Elisa Nielsen, Certified Diabetes Educator, CentraCare Health. “I’m confident this therapy will improve patient outcomes as demonstrated by the pivotal trial that studied the device, and enhance quality of life. We’re proud to be one of the first in the nation to be able to offer it.”

The MiniMed 670G system features the new Guardian® Sensor 3, Medtronic's newest and most advanced glucose sensor with enhanced accuracy and performance, and a longer 7-day life. The system is approved for patients with type 1 diabetes ages 14 years of age or older. CentraCare Health currently has six patients using this new device. Jonas Capistrant, one of the six patients stated, “This pump has already been life-changing for me.”

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that results when the pancreas stops making insulin. Of those who live with diabetes, about five percent have type 1 diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes is growing and today approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes.