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Fishing safety tips

Published in For the Health of It Author: Melissa Hjelle

In the land of 10,000 lakes, fishing is certainly a favorite pastime and serious hobby for many. Whether you are planning a weekend trip for fishing opener or just spending a few hours at a nearby lake, follow these steps when trying to land the next big catch.  

  • When on the water, wear a life jacket. If you are fishing from a boat, you and any other passengers should wear a life jacket. Even if you consider yourself an excellent swimmer, a life jacket can protect you in the event that you’d fall and hit your head.
  • Pack a first aid kit. Include antiseptic, bandages, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory medicine, and any items specific to the anglers (e.g. EpiPen, asthma inhaler, insulin pen). 
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses. These items will provide protection from the sun, help you spot fish in the water, while also protecting your head, face and eyes from other anglers’ hooks.
  • Practice awareness. Always be aware of your environment, the water, fellow fishermen and general boat safety.
  • Dress for the weather. If it is sunny, wear sunscreen and protective clothing. If rain is in the forecast, wear rain gear and waterproof footwear. For chilly weather, dress in layers and have the right head, hand and foot gear packed. Don’t forget the bug spray, and remember, this is Minnesota, you could experience cold, warm and sunny weather all in a matter of hours!
  • Use caution when baiting and taking off hooks, casting and handling fish.
  • Take extra precautions with children. Teach any children in your fishing group the dangers of hooks and sharp pieces of tackle. Demonstrate how to properly hold a hook, lures and other tackle, casting techniques, how to handle and remove a caught fish and general boat and water safety.