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Medical alert services provide help and increased independence for seniors

Published in Senior Living, Senior Services, Home Health Services, For the Health of It Author: Nancy A. Drange, APRN, CNP, CWON

You can’t anticipate when you or an older loved one will have a fall. But you can prepare for one.

For an older adult, a fall can be devastating event resulting in serious — or fatal — injuries. But a fall also can be a major life-changing event that signals when one may no longer safely live on their own.

One in four older adults ages 65 and older reported falling in a recent year. And you can’t rely on always having your cell phone or being able to hang onto it during a fall. So what can be done to help keep you or an older loved one safe?

In addition to encouraging balance exercises and making your home safer, seriously consider the help of a medical alert system.

When seconds count, an alert system can make a vital difference. CentraCare Health Medical Alert Service offers in-home and mobile “on-the-go” help buttons as well as automatic fall detection buttons. Help buttons can be worn multiple ways and are safe to wear in the shower. Most systems do not require a landline or traditional phone service to work and mobile systems work anywhere there is a sufficient cellular signal.

When help is needed, the user can press the button and contact someone at a 24-hour response center who can then contact emergency responders, family members, neighbors, etc. If needed, medical alert systems also can provide units that remind and dispense medications, providing additional assurance that they are taken properly and on-time.

Together, these technological solutions can help seniors continue to live safely at home — but while knowing that help is available, if needed, at the press of a button.

Learn more about CentraCare Health Medical Alert and complete an online form to review with staff what options are best for you or your loved one.