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Show your support on World Cancer Day

Published in Cancer Care Author: Lesley R. Kurowski, APRN, CNP

Whether it’s a family member, a friend or a coworker, nearly everyone has been impacted by cancer one way or another.

This Sunday is World Cancer Day. It’s a day to recognize the impact of this disease and to bring awareness to the many ways it is being prevented and treated.

It may surprise many of you to know that there has been good progress in the fight against cancer. Consider the following:

  • Since 1991, the overall cancer death rate in the United States has fallen by 25 percent.
  • Among children and adolescents (age 19 and younger) the cancer death rate has decreased by 35 percent.
  • In recent years, of the top 10 causes of death by Americans, cancer was the only one to be in decline.

Experts attribute this change to the reduction in tobacco use and the development of cancer treatments and measures. Granted, there is still much work that needs to be done. However, the statistics above should provide hope that there is much already being accomplished to save lives from this disease.

What are some things you can do to take part in this year’s World Cancer Day? Ideas include:

  • Know what you can do to lower your individual likelihood of getting cancer. These include quitting tobacco, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, exercising and eating healthier.
  • Certain viruses have been linked to cancer and one can get immunized to protect yourself from some of them. Consider getting you or your family members vaccinated or talk to your health care provider to learn more. 
  • Learn more at on their efforts to create healthier schools, workplaces and cities.
  • Sign up to share the Thunderclap message on World Cancer Day via social media.