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Regrouping after setbacks

Published in For the Health of It, Weight Management Author: Alyssa Monson

Feeling a little discouraged? Want to give up? Any lifestyle change comes along with some of these feelings at one point or another. Check out 10 tips to help you regroup after you have a setback.

  1. Look back at the progress you have made so far. Find an old “before” photo or a journal you kept. Or think back . . . how has my life changed for the better since last year at this time?
  2. Sit down and talk with someone who motivates you.
  3. Had a bad day? Forgive yourself, and move on. Learn from it and develop a strategy to help you out next time.
  4. Immerse yourself in something you love. Feel at ease while knitting or fishing? Do it. These also can be great alternatives to activities that are causing the setback.
  5. Move your body. Not to burn calories but for the purpose of improving your mood. Take a walk around our neighborhood or have a dance party in your kitchen.
  6. What is going well for you? Have you already lost half the weight you set out to lose? Do you move more? Do you choose foods that help you achieve your goal most often? Focus on these during times of frustration.
  7. Find perspective. Help someone in need by volunteering your time.
  8. Get back to your roots. What inspires you? Post your favorite quotes, songs or poems around your space.
  9. Laughter is always the best medicine. Put on your favorite comedy to get your mind off the day.
  10. Look into the future. What will life be like when you reach your goal? How do you feel, what will you be doing?