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Be Prepared for Cold Temps and Dangerous Wind Chills This Holiday

Published in For the Health of It Author: Jason McDonald, Injury Prevention Specialist, CentraCare Trauma Services

This Christmas, the weather outside will be frightful.

Wednesday's weather forecast calls for snow with temperatures around 0⁰ F. Then the below zero temps will continue and winds will increase, creating dangerous blowing snow conditions throughout the weekend.

In these conditions, frostbite can occur in 10 to 30 minutes. So take precautions whether you are shoveling snow at home or driving short distances. These include:

  • Dress in layers. Wear a moisture-absorbing base layer, then a warm insulating layer before putting on a parka or jacket that protects you from the wind and snow. Also, be sure to protect your head, neck, hands and feet. Change out of your boots if they become wet.
  • Make sure to have a Winter Weather Survival Kit in your car. Review a list of items to include in your kit.
  • If you were planning travel longer distances or to rural areas — consider making alternative plans.
  • Be familiar with the signs of frostbite and know when to get medical attention.
  • Respect the weather and the conditions. Even though cold weather is common in Minnesota — don’t disregard the risk and don’t be caught unprepared.

Wishing each of your families a safe and warm holiday!