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It’s Time to Declutter Health Care Directives

Published in Advance Care Planning, Women's Services, Senior Services, Home Health Services, Hospice Services, Palliative Care, Men's Health, For the Health of It Author: Lori Braegelmann, Advance Care Planning Program Manager

When it comes to Advance Care Planning, completing a Health Care Directive hasn’t exactly been simple. Do you have questions about Health Care Directives? Have you heard conflicting information about what is required in Minnesota? Are you frozen in confusion and uncertainty?

Lack of clarity is a common reason that some of us never quite complete or submit our Health Care Directives. Even if we know what we want to specify or may even have our documents prepared, lack of assurance in many cases, prevents us from fully completing the process.

“Clutter isn’t just the stuff in your closet. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.” ~ Peter Walsh

It’s understandable. Misinformation and clutter can fog our vision and sabotage our motivation, which can prevent us from moving forward to completion. Ideally, the only complicated aspect of Health Care Directives should be the essential personal reflection and decision-making involved, not filling out the actual document.

Finding out the facts and letting go of the clutter can free up space, lighten our minds and allow us to power through the process of sharing our wishes on paper. Clarity emerges from simplicity.

Your health care provider can answer your questions or concerns. There are also free educational sessions offered by Light the Legacy.

It’s easy to put off completing a Health Care Directive (see Common Reasons Why Health Care Directives are Not Completed). But think about how good it will feel to check that off your to-do list. It also will give your loved ones peace of mind.

See how to complete a Health Care Directive.