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Celebrate Older Adults in Your Life

Published in Women's Services, Senior Services, Home Health Services, Hospice Services, Palliative Care, Men's Health, For the Health of It, Advance Care Planning Author: Lori Braegelmann, Advance Care Planning Program Manager

Age My Way, the theme for Older Americans Month 2022, is an opportunity to explore the various ways older adults can remain in and be involved in their communities for as long as possible. Just as every person is unique, so too is how we age and how we choose to do it. There is no “right” way.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate older Americans in our community? How about treating older adults to coffee, delivering small plants or mailing handwritten notes? Taking them to a traditional café or helping them with a project such as sorting through old photos. Or how about helping them complete their Health Care Directive?

One vital component of aging is having a completed Health Care Directive in our medical record and sharing our wishes with loved ones. A directive is another way for us to uniquely choose how we want to live as we age and lends itself toward a better quality of life just knowing that our road map is ready.

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