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Revisit the 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2022

Published in Inside CentraCare, For the Health of It Author: CentraCare

Our For the Health of It blog features a variety of health and wellness tips — ranging from identifying concussions, tips to lowering cholesterol and the health benefits of furry friends. Here were some of the most read articles from 2022:

  1. Hit Your Head? Look for These Warning Signs of Concussion
    Loss of consciousness is a pretty sure sign of a concussion. But if you don’t lose consciousness, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear.
  2. 12 Risk Factors for Dementia
    Even if you’re born with a genetic risk for dementia, there are modifiable factors to reduce your risk. Patrick Zook, MD, retired family medicine physician, outlines some of the most common ones.
  3. What is Prenatal Hand Expression? A 3-Minute Explanation of Colostrum Harvesting
    Your baby’s first milk is called colostrum. Learn how it’s possible to collect this baby superfood before baby is born.
  4. Help Lower Your Cholesterol with Eight Anti-Inflammatory Foods
    Inflammation is a part of your body’s normal response to infection or injury, but chronic inflammation can damage your body. Learn what Anti-Inflammatory Foods can do to help you lower your risks of various diseases.
  5. I Have COVID, Now What?
    If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are interested in seeing if you qualify for treatment options, contact your health care provider.
  6. Caring for an Upper Respiratory Infection (aka Common Cold)
    Viral upper respiratory infection (URI) is the most common infection in humans. Also known as the common cold, URIs account for over 25 million doctor visits per year.
  7. When Should I Keep My Child Home from School Due to Illness?
    As kids are back in school, they’ll soon be swapping stories of their summer adventures — and germs. Here’s what you should know about keeping your child home from school due to illness.
  8. 5 Tips to Prepare Your Body for Breastfeeding
    In preparing for breastfeeding, the best thing you can do is look for education and support.
  9. 8 Topics to Discuss with a Prenatal Lactation Consultant
    CentraCare offers prenatal lactation appointments because you and your baby are unique, and every breastfeeding experience is different.
  10. Improve Heart Health with Furry Friends
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having a pet can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. Pet ownership also has been shown to decrease stress, ease anxiety and improve mood.