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3 Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Strong Yearlong

Published in Heart & Vascular, For the Health of It, Healthy Eating Tips Author: Hannah Warzecha,RDN,LD

Most people often have good intentions when it comes to setting a goal of improving one’s health. Maybe 2024 is your year to eat better, engage in more physical activity, get rid of a bad habit or just try to be more optimistic! Whatever your goal, sticking with it all year long and beyond can be the most difficult part. Here are three suggestions to keep your health goal going strong:

  1. Tell the support people in your life about the goal you have. This can be a huge help with accountability, as it can open the door for communication. Perhaps it’s a weekly phone check-in with a good friend or a brief chat with your spouse. If your support person has a similar goal, that may help both of you feel accountable to each other!
  1. Set daily reminders! Whether it’s on paper or on your phone, it’s always a good practice to remind yourself of a new goal until it becomes part of your routine.
  1. If a slip happens, try to not dwell on it. Instead, get right back on track! Nobody is perfect, so don’t set the expectation of perfection for yourself.

If your focus is on improving nutritional health this year, meeting with a registered dietitian is a great way to start the journey to better health. You can find incredible amounts of nutrition information at your fingertips searching the internet, but it can be hard to know what is reliable and sound.

When you meet with a dietitian, the dietitian will listen to your story, help to clarify diet-related questions with research-supported answers, provide new ideas and guide you to an eating plan customized for you.