Amber Lieser, APRN,CNP

  • About
    • Specialties: Genetics Nurse Practitioner
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages: English

    What I Do
    My philosophy of care centers on listening to my patients fully. I seek to understand things from the perspective of each of my patients. I want my patients to leave the appointment feeling heard and understood. Having a full understanding of things from my patient’s perspective helps me diagnose and manage their genetic condition. My goal is to provide the most empathetic and compassionate care based on a holistic approach rooted in evidence-based practice.

    My special clinical interests include neurodevelopmental delays, chromosomal abnormalities such as down syndrome and turner’s syndrome, single gene disorders, syndromic conditions, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and many others.

    Why I Love My Work
    When I realized becoming a mermaid was not realistic, I turned to health care and found a career I love. I started my journey as a nursing assistant, and I have continuously pursued more education. I held roles as an LPN and RN before becoming a nurse practitioner. I am motivated daily by the strength and perseverance of my patients.

    I discovered genetics during my specialty rotation while doing my nurse practitioner clinics. From the beginning, I knew it was where I belonged. I love that every day I learn something new about a disorder or condition that improves the outcomes for my patients. I love building relationships with my patients and their loved ones as we work together to both understand and manage their condition so they can live life to the fullest.

    A retired doctor I cared for early in my career once told me “The day you stop learning while working in medicine is the day you should quit.” I think of this doctor often and his words motivate me to keep learning and grow in my practice as a genetic nurse practitioner.

    Getting To Know Me
    I love going to county fairs or town festivals during the summer, taking my family on adventures outside in all four seasons, watching Grey’s Anatomy and Friends, listening to true crime podcasts, being a wife, mom, aunt, and sister. I am also a true ice cream enthusiast.

    It is a privilege to be both a provider and a patient at CentraCare.

    • Training
      Purdue University Global, West Lafayette, IN