John Miley, LAc

  • About
    • Specialties: Acupuncture
    • Gender: Male
    • Languages: English, German

    What I Do
    Our bodies are designed to seek health and balance. My philosophy of care is to support my patient's healings process by creating a supportive and healthy environment in which our innate healing abilities can thrive. I went into acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine because it allowed me to help people with supportive, non-invasive approaches to health that are surprisingly effective in a high percentage of my patients. For example, with cancer patients, numb hands and feet may respond well to acupuncture helping them improve their condition without the need for additional medication.

    The Coborn Healing Center is a good fit for my skillset. We share a philosophy of care that is patient-centered and supportive of the challenges faced by people as they embark on their treatment courses.

    Why I Love My Work
    I enjoy the people for whom I care most of all. It is the people and patient contact that enriches all the technical parts of my job (the acupuncture and assessing parts). Also, I appreciate the variety, since each person has individual needs that are unique and often challenging. Therefore, it is rewarding to help them when possible.

    Getting to Know Me
    I am a Minnesota native, and I think that the variety of seasons (and heartiness needed to endure some of our weather extremes) keeps me here. I like the seasons and adventures that each season brings to the table. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, skiing of all kinds, timber frame construction and sitting in a hot wood-burning sauna (and yes, it must be a wood-burning sauna).

    • Training
      Pacific College of Health and Science, San Diego, CA Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Kenmore, WA
    • College
      University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN