Kalley A. Manning, DPT

  • About
    • Specialties: Physical Therapy
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages: English

    What I Do 
    My philosophy of care is to treat every patient as if they are family or a friend. Meaning I would invest the same time, dedication and commitment as those closest to me. I strive to build strong professional relationships with my patients so they can confide in me as a supporter along their journey to recovery and improved health.  

    Why I Love My Work
     Rehabilitation has always amazed me. The way it can change one’s outlook and way-of-life motivated me to pursue a career in health care. The best thing about being a physical therapist is being able to spend large amounts of time with my patients. This allows us to build strong relationships and trust as we get to know each other throughout the episode of care. 

    Getting to Know Me
    Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at the lake with my family and friends in the summer. I love to golf and play tennis; skating is one of my favorite things to do in the winter months.  

    • Training
      University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN