Nancy Decker-Miller, CNM

  • About
    • Specialties: Certified Nurse Midwife
    • Gender: Female
    • Languages: English

    What I Do
    As a certified nurse midwife at the Birth Center at CentraCare - St. Cloud Hospital, I see myself as an advocate for women. I want to help them have the birth experience they desire. Pregnancy and birth are such an emotional experience, and I want to be that person a woman can trust to help guide her to a healthy birth. I feel honored to be invited to share in such a special time in their lives. My special interests include:

    • Adolescent Health and Pregnancy
    • Health maintenance/Lifestyle Medicine
    • Postpartum care and pelvic floor health
    • Fitness/postpartum fitness

    Why I Love My Work
    When I was in nursing school, my OB clinical preceptor was a midwife. She shared stories of births that made me know that becoming a midwife is what I wanted to do one day. I had a midwife for both of my pregnancies and births. My midwife was the reason I did not have a cesarean section. I pushed for 3½ hours with my first baby, and my midwife believed in me more than I did in myself. And she was right -- I went on to have a vaginal birth! I love when I can empower women to believe they have the strength.

    Bringing life into this world has always been my favorite part of being a midwife. It is such an honor to know a family trusted you to help bring their baby into this world. I never take for granted that I get to touch their baby first or be part of that moment when a couple sees their baby for the first time, and I get to see that love in their eyes. It is truly a blessing to do what I do!

    Getting to Know Me
    Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking and spending time with family.

    • College
      Master of Nursing in Midwifery, University of Minnesota
  • Areas Of Interest
    Adolescent health and pregnancy, lifestyle medicine, postpartum care and pelvic health and postpartum fitness