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Caduceus Society

2021 Award Nominations Now Open!

CaduceusThe CentraCare Foundation, in conjunction with the Caduceus Society, is seeking nominations for the 2021 Caduceus Award. Any physician in the Central Minnesota area is eligible who has demonstrated outstanding humanitarian and/or charitable medical efforts. Nominations can include any physician, dentist or podiatrist who is a member or past member of the medical staff of a hospital or surgical center within the area.

Nominations must be submitted to the Foundation by June 30, 2021, in order to be considered for this year’s award. Print editable pdf of nomination form.

Please forward the nomination in confidence to: CentraCare Foundation, c/o Caduceus Award Committee, 1406 Sixth Avenue North, St. Cloud, MN 56303

Questions? Please contact the CentraCare Foundation at 320-240-2810 or

Elaina Lee

Elaina Lee, MD
Caduceus Society Chair

The Caduceus Society is a philanthropic guild of our CentraCare Foundation open to Central Minnesota practicing and retired medical staff who make a gift to support the Foundation’s mission of improving health and health care.

Medical Staff can achieve active membership with an annual gift to the Foundation. Legacy memberships begin at $10,000 of cumulative giving. Caduceus Society members are invited to La Gratitude, the annual CentraCare Foundation donor recognition event.

Caduceus Committee

  • Dr. Elaina Lee
  • Dr. John Mahowald
  • Dr. Maria Mallory
  • Dr. Shawn McGee
  • Dr. Andy Mulder
  • Dr. Nicholas Reuter
  • Dr. Kevin Smith
  • Dr. Paul Van Gorp
  • Dr. Ulrika Wigert
  • Dr. Darin Willardsen
  • Dr. Patrick Zook

Caduceus Award Recipient

Dr. Pelzel receives 2019 Caduceus Award

Jamie Pelzel, MD, CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center, was honored Oct. 3 with the Caduceus Award. This award recognizes the outstanding work of Central Minnesota physicians who exhibit humanitarian medical efforts locally or around the world.

Dr. Pelzel was nominated because of his compassion as a physician, his ability to be a successful leader and humanitarian who truly lives his mission in the world.

In appreciation for his commitment to serving patients and families, the CentraCare Foundation Caduceus Fund will be making a donation to the CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center in honor of Dr. Pelzel.

Meet Dr. Pelzel

Jamie Pelzel

Jamie Pelzel, MD
CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center

Learn more about heart care.

About Dr. Pelzel

  • CentraCare’s Heart Failure Program Director since its inception seven years ago; program offers a full‐time heart failure hospital service and a comprehensive heart failure clinic including monthly Heart Failure Support Groups held in the community.
  • Started the first Shared Care program for LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) patients in St. Cloud nine years ago.
  • Instrumental in developing the Mechanical Circulatory Support program at St. Cloud Hospital.
  • Implanted the first CardioMEMS Device in St. Cloud in 2015 to kick off CentraCare’s Advanced Heart Failure Program.
  • Humanitarian, charitable and volunteer work includes:
    • International humanitarian efforts (Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania)
    • Dr. Pelzel’s family, including his wife and children, have travelled together on medical and community mission trips
    • Charitable and volunteer contributions include support of Cathedral High School, Salvation Army, Send Them Forward (Twin Cities sustainable and affordable housing program), Loving Shephard Ministry (in Haiti), Harvest Call, and Lifesong for Orphans (in Haiti and Tanzania).

Past Caduceus Award Recipients

  • 2019 Dr. Jamie Pelzel
  • 2018 Drs. Merryn Jolkovsky and Patrick Lalley
  • 2017 Dr. Patrick Zook
  • 2016 No award given
  • 2015 Dr. David Kroska
  • 2014 Dr. Paul Van Gorp
  • 2013 Dr. Thomas Leither
  • 2012 Dr. Richard Hart
  • 2011 Dr. Scott Davis
  • 2010 Dr. Cindy Melloy
  • 2009 Dr. Nicholas Reuter
  • 2008 Dr. Paul Dorsher
  • 2007 Drs. Gary A. Boeke & Paul W. Schultz
  • 2006 No award given
  • 2005 Drs. Paul Heath, James M. Smith, Wes Streed & Joe Wenner
  • 2004 Dr. Hans Engman
  • 2003 Dr. Harold Windschitl

Active Caduceus Society Members

Members achieve active standing by contributing to the CentraCare Foundation Caduceus Society Gifts between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.

  • Dr. Nelson L. & Charisse A. Adamson
  • Dr. Oluade A. & Adeyoola A. Ajayi
  • Dr. Oluyemi A. Ajayi
  • Dr. Jay-Sheree A. Allen
  • Dr. Jill L. & Joe Amsberry
  • Drs. Christina Anderson & Brett Stolzenberg
  • Richard & Carol Aplin
  • Dr. Susan Atamian & Lee Hart
  • Dr. Burton (+) & Evelyn Bancroft
  • Dr. Melissa M. Barry
  • Dr. Elizabeth K. & Jon Blixt
  • Joe & Patty Blonski
  • Dr. Gary A. & Ramona Boeke
  • Drs. Christopher & Jennifer Boelter
  • Dr. Kourtney Bradford Houle
  • Dr. Bryan J. & Kirsten H. Brindley
  • Dr. Frank T. & Alice L. Brown
  • Dr. Shannon R. & Miguel Cabrera
  • Dr. Lindsey R. Chmielewski & Selvin Gonzalez
  • Dr. Tammi & Robert Congdon
  • Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Cragle
  • Rhonda Danielson
  • Dr. Eileen H. & Brian H. Dauer
  • Dr. Amy & Eric Dearking
  • Dr. Jon Dennis & Sigrid Hedman-Dennis, RN, MSN
  • Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Dorle
  • Paul & Joanne Dorsher
  • Dr. Jacob & Nicole Eiler
  • Rene Eldidy, MD
  • Dr. Ronald L. & Marsha D. Elg
  • Dr. Dahlia Elkadi
  • Dr. Melissa & Zach Ensign
  • Dr. Kari Fabian
  • Dr. Kelly B. & Neil C. Fandel
  • Drs. Bonnie P. & Stephen M. Fines
  • Dr. Steven J. Fuglestad
  • Dr. Samantha Ganick
  • Dr. John & Jeanne Geiser
  • Dr. Winn & Denise Gregory
  • Dr. Travis S. Greiman
  • Benedict R. Haeg, MD
  • Dr. Albert S. & Janice Hammond
  • Janet M. Handrigan, MD
  • Chad A. Haroldson
  • Dr. Patrick & Juliann Heller
  • John Hering, MD
  • Dr. Brad D. & Katie Hilger
  • Dr. Megan G. Hodges
  • Linda & Ken Holmen
  • Dr. Larry V. & Karen Hook
  • Dr. Allen & Laura Horn
  • Dr. John Houle
  • Dr. James R. & Kelly S. Hover
  • Drs. Weining Hu & Yi Zheng
  • Dr. Geri N. & Michael Jacobson
  • Christina & Kevin Jenner
  • Dr. Benjamin K. & Savannah Johnson
  • Drs. Richard & Merryn R. Jolkovsky
  • Dr. Donald J. Jurgens
  • Karen & Jerry Jurgens
  • Dr. Andrea Kales
  • Dr. Pushp R. Kapoor
  • Joseph & Stephanie Klaers
  • Dr. Scott A. & Rebecca Klettke
  • Dr. Barry A. & Leslie Labine
  • Dr. Abby R. LaBounty
  • Dr. Gregg S. & Jennifer Larson
  • Theresa Lau
  • Dr. Elaina Lee & Steven E. Patterson
  • Dr. Thomas W. & Deanne Leither
  • Stephen A. Leslie, MD
  • Dr. David R. & Gretchen Lindgren
  • Dr. Paula & Reverend Timothy Lindhorst
  • Dr. Timothy L. & Laura Malling
  • Dr. Andrew & Sarah Maloney
  • Dr. Edward & William Martin-Chaffee
  • Dr. Mark J. & Lisa B. Martone
  • Dr. Robin C. & Patrick H. Marushin
  • Mark & Ronda Matthias
  • Dr. Eric T. McFarling
  • Lynn McFarling
  • Dr. Chadd McMahon & Laura McMahon
  • Dr. Tammy L. & John Meyerhofer
  • George & Mary Kay Morris
  • Steven & Barbara Mulawka
  • Dr. Thomas J. & Kathleen Nardi
  • Dr. Ravikanth Nathani & Kanthi Yalamanchicl
  • Dr. Frank P. & Tracy Nellans
  • Dr. Amy A. Olmschenk
  • Dr. Timothy A. Olson
  • Marilyn Peitso, MD & Peder Hegland
  • Dr. Jamie M. & Jodi Pelzel
  • Dr. Dennis L. & Denise Peterson
  • Dr. Holly C. & Jeffrey Peterson
  • Dr. Terence & Sue Pladson
  • Dr. Scott A. & Lisa M. Rahm
  • Charles & Deborah Rasmussen
  • Dr. Nathaniel & Valerie Reuter
  • Dr. Nicholas & Bernice Reuter
  • Dr. Bryan P. & Amy Rolph
  • Dr. Sharon J. Ruggiero
  • Dr. Richard Salk
  • Thomas and Cheri Satre
  • James Sayovitz, MD
  • Dr. Robert J. & Judy J. Scheuerell
  • Melanie & Chris Schmidt
  • Dr. Wade T. & Tonya Schmidt
  • Dr. John M. & Amy Schmitz
  • Dr. Thomas G. & Myra Lee Schrup
  • Dr. Paul W. Schultz
  • Todd & Lisa Severnak
  • Dr. Joel C. & Susan Shobe
  • Dr. Cindy Smith
  • Dave & Jill Smith
  • Drs. Kevin Smith & Angelina Ausban
  • Dr. Brian M. & Tanya Stegman
  • Larry Strate, MD
  • Dr. Jena J. & Mike Swanson
  • Dr. Marc F. Swiontkowski
  • Kevin & Linda Switzer
  • Dr. Christopher J. & Sarah Thompson
  • Dr. Tracey B. Thompson
  • Drs. David & Janet Tilstra
  • Dr. Philip H. & Kay VanderStoep
  • Dr. Norman L. & Kathy Virnig
  • Lindy Watanaskul & Zachary Bikus
  • Dr. Dove D. & Tracey L. Watkin
  • Dr. Richard Wehseler
  • Dr. Jennifer & Nathanial Wesenberg
  • Dr. Thomas L. & Judith A. Wyne
  • Dr. Charles & Kitty Yancey
  • Dr. Mohamed S. Yassin
  • Dr. Julie Kay & Jeffery S. Youngs
  • Dr. Nicholas B. & Leigh Zaban
  • Randy & Molly Zimmerman
  • Pat & Penny Zook

Deceased (+)

Legacy Caduceus Society Members

Legacy standing is achieved once a Caduceus Society member has cumulatively given $10,000 or more. Gifts may be expendable or endowed and may be paid immediately or as a pledge payment over a five-year period.

Dr. Wesley J. & Jean A.(+) Streed

Dr. Paul J. & Joanne E. Dorsher
Dr. Michael C. & Kendra Flanagan
Dr. John Mahowald & Donna Kuhl
Dr. John & Joyce Matsuura
Dr. Terence & Sue Pladson

Dr. Luther(+) & Julie Aronson Dehnel
Dr. John H. & Jeanne M. Geiser
Dr. Ken & Linda Holmen
Dr. Dwight E. & Audrey C. Jaeger
Dr. Paul T. and Nancy (+) Moran
Dr. Nicholas & Bernice Reuter
Drs. David & Janet Tilstra
Dr. Paul E. Van Gorp & Roberta M. Knutson

Dr. Joseph M. & Patty Blonski
Dr. Stephen P. & Beth Cragle
Dr. Walter N. & Trecia Ann Ellis
Dr. Richard W. & Patricia Hart
Dr. Allen & Laura Horn
Drs. Richard & Merryn R. Jolkovsky
Dr. Gerald L. & Karen Jurgens
Dr. Edward & William Martin-Chaffee
Dr. Mark & Ronda Matthias
Dr. Chris & Denise Moellentine
Dr. Richard & Wendy Rysavy
Dr. Thomas G. & Myra Lee Schrup
Dr. Daniel J. & Judy A. Whitlock
Dr. Darin D. & Katy Willardsen

Drs. Stacia Anderson & Matthew Hwang
Dr. Stephen M. & Bonnie Bologna
Dr. Frank T. & Alice L. Brown
Dr. Eileen H. & Brian H. Dauer
Dr. Michael J. & Roberta L. Dorle
Dr. Rene & Milady Eldidy
Dr. Fred J. & Lynn Engman
Dr. Jason & Debra Erickson
Dr. Albert S. & Janice Hammond
Drs. Ronald D. & Michelle Hanson
Dr. Patrick & Juliann Heller
Dr. Mark D. & Susie Osaki Holm
Dr. Scot W. & Gretchen Hutton
Dr. James L. & Mary Jost
Dr. Donald J. Jurgens
Dr. David A. & Susan M. Kroska
Dr. Lanse C. & Livia Lang
Dr. Thomas W. & Deanne Leither
Dr. Douglas R. & Taimi T. Liepert
Dr. James W. & Vicki Lundeen
Dr. Todd D. & Sarah Magnuson
Dr. Eric T. McFarling
Dr. Lynn M. McFarling
Dr. Cindy Jensen Melloy & Thomas P. Melloy
Drs. Theodore A. & Jane M. Peterson
Dr. John R. & Kathryn A. Reisinger
Dr. David J. & Susan M. Roberts
Dr. John M. & Amy Schmitz
Drs. Kevin Smith & Angelina Ausban
Dr. Stephen (+) & Mary Sommers
Drs. Kim & Chad Spaulding
Dr. Michael & Nina Steil
Dr. Fareed Suri & Aqsa Nadeem
Dr. Jessica & Andy Swartout
Dr. Tracey B. Thompson
Dr. Theodore O. & Andrea R. Truitt
Dr. Dove D. & Tracey L. Watkin
Dr. Harold E. & Shirley Windschitl
Dr. Mohamed S. Yassin

Dr. Nelson L. & Charisse A. Adamson
Dr. Oluade A. & Adeyoola A. Ajayi
Dr. Hani S. & Majedah Alkhatib
Drs. Robert Ang & Belen Dy
Dr. Richard & Michaela Backes
Dr. Burton (+) & Evelyn Bancroft
Drs. Steven H. & Barbara J. Bollinger
Dr. Jon C. & Barb Bowar
Dr. Philip F. & Kristine Boyle
Dr. Bryan J. & Kirsten H. Brindley
Dr. Dennis & Jeanne Carreras
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. & Paulette M. Como
Dr. Tammi & Robert Congdon
Dr. Thomas L. & Mary M. Cress
Dr. Robert (+) & Patricia Cumming
Dr. Amy & Eric Dearking
Drs. Kevin J. & Beth A. Donnelly
Dr. Craig M. & Jennifer Doschadis
Dr. Ann Dunnigan
Dr. Charles Ehlen
Dr. Dahlia Elkadi
Dr. Hans H. & Sharon L. Engman
Dr. Kelly B. & Neil C. Fandel
Drs. Jeffrey S. & Terri T. Gerdes
Dr. Winn & Denise Gregory
Drs. Chad A. & Sheri Haroldson
Dr. Mark D. & Joanne C. Hauge
Dr. John R. & Shannon M. Hering
Drs. H. Thomas (+) & Kathleen Hobday
Drs. Weining Hu & Yi Zheng
Dr. Craig M. & LuAnne Johnson
Dr. Janelle & Peter H. Johnson
Dr. Andrea Kales
Drs. Jerome P. & Mary U. Keating
Dr. Robert J. & Joanne Keck
Dr. James (+) & June Kelly
Dr. Todd M. & Laura Kor
Dr. Barry A. & Leslie Labine
Dr. John M. & Nancy Lacika
Dr. Patrick M. & Debra S. Lalley
Dr. Henri P. & Patricia Lanctin
Dr. Theresa M. & John Lau
Dr. Elaina Lee
Dr. Danielle & Michael Leighton
Dr. David R. & Gretchen Lindgren
Dr. Mark J. & Lisa B. Martone
Dr. Simon & Renee Milstein
Drs. Dale J. Minnerath & Sylvia R. Sundberg
Dr. George & Mary Kay Morris
Dr. Tracy E. Napp
Dr. Frank P. & Tracy Nellans
Dr. Peter & Laurie Nelson
Dr. Joseph P. & Veronica Nessler
Drs. Hoang Nguyen & Nhan Quyen
Dr. Timothy Olson
Dr. Troy & Sandra Payne
Dr. Marilyn Peitso & Peder Hegland
Dr. Jamie M. & Jodi Pelzel
Dr. Brett A. & Jonathan Pinkerton
Dr. Deborah P. & Charles G. Rasmussen
Dr. Jodi K. Regan & Dean Moritz
Dr. Nathaniel & Valerie Reuter
Dr. William (+) & Millie Rice
Drs. Brian & Susanne Rupert
Dr. Thomas J. & Cheryl J.K. Satre
Dr. Christian & Melanie Schmidt
Dr. Timothy N. & Amy Schuchard
Dr. Rachel L. Schuneman & Dr. Yang Koua Lo
Dr. Tereasa & Eric Simonson
Dr. David L. & Jill Smith
Dr. Joel P. & Jenny Spalding
Dr. Mary A. Stiles
Drs. Robert E. Stocker & Catherine A. Matuska
Dr. Larry Strate
Dr. Janelle K. & Terry D. Strom
Dr. Pradub & Rampai Sukhum
Dr. Read & Tammy Sulik
Dr. Kevin & Linda Switzer
Dr. John Teskey & Kathleen Mahon
Dr. Daniel J. & Julie S. Tiede
Drs. Kim Tjaden & Joe Nguyen
Dr. Hilary I. & Lilyan Ufearo
Dr. Philip H. & Kay VanderStoep
Dr. Roderick D. & Amy Vansurksum
Dr. Timothy & Valerie Vedder
Dr. Thomas L. & Judith A. Wyne

Deceased (+)

List as of June 30, 2020