From Gratitude to Giving: One Patient’s Story

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Whether it was starting as a 16-year-old bag boy, or preparing for his retirement from the company 12 years ago, Tim Thueringer learned valuable lessons during his lifelong career at Coborn’s, Inc.

Tim Thueringer
Tim Thueringer

Tim, of Sauk Rapids, saw the importance of giving by watching former Coborn’s, Inc. CEO, Dan Coborn.

“Dan modeled how to show gratitude and appreciation. Personally, I learned from him how to give back and do more. He encouraged his employees to give to the community — he was my mentor and he inspired me.”

And Tim learned that being intentional with gifts was just as important as the gift itself.

“Dan told us it was important to give back, and the best way to do it was to give to a cause that had meaning to you.”

Over the years, Tim watched for a chance to give back, and earlier this year, an opportunity presented itself.

April Doten
April Doten, OT

After a decade-long battle with health issues due to Lyme’s disease, Tim had sought many care options and treatments, but found little to no relief. About two years ago he turned to CentraCare’s adult rehabilitation team, and discovered exactly what he had been looking for: a team who worked with him, assessed his health issues and created a care plan to help him find his way back to health and wellness. And playing an integral part in his success was Occupational Therapist April Doten and Physical Therapist Holly Groetsch.

Grateful for the physical relief and relationships he had built with the rehab team, he asked April what the needs were in their department. She told him about some of their patients’ needs including affording care; and at that moment, he was inspired.

Holly Groetsch
Holly Groetsch, PT
According to Tim, “When I finished up with my physical and occupational therapy in early 2020, I made the decision to make a financial gift. It was really an emotional period for me, and I was grateful I could do something to help others.”

Tim worked with the leaders in rehab who connected him with CentraCare Foundation.

Together they worked to establish the Tim Thueringer Adult/Pediatric Rehabilitation Greatest Needs Fund, which will support patients with financial needs and the needs of rehabilitation services, which include programming and equipment.

Tim’s gift is already being put to great use. Some patients in need are already receiving assistance from this fund, and his dream to give locally to a cause that means something to him, is now fulfilled.

“To me, it’s simply a matter of giving back to the community I grew up in — to those around me and those caring for all of us,” he said.