Volunteering for Holly Ball is a Schuller Family Tradition

Marta and Giselle with Louann Schuller

Holly Ball could not happen every year without the help of our amazing volunteers and one family has made it a tradition to look forward to each year.

“Grandma” Louann Schuller is quite the volunteer role model and knows how to “spark” the passion in others. She has been a dedicated Holly Ball volunteer for at least 15 years. Because she enjoyed it so much, she thought it would be a fun thing to do with her grandchildren when they were old enough to help.

“Grandma shared memories with me about helping with Holly Ball, and when I was 16, she asked me if I would like to come with her to help. As soon as I walked in, I knew I would be back,” said granddaughter Lily.

Schuller girls
Holly Ball 2018 (from left) Frederique, Maddie, Lily,
Willow and Gabrielle. Front row: Giselle and Marta

Lily continued to volunteer for eight years, and after she was married, her husband, Matt, joined them, too. As time went on, nine of Lily’s 11 siblings and her parents also joined Grandma Louann at one time or another. The Schuller volunteers included Grandma Louann, Craig, and April (parents of the grandkids), Gabrielle, Madeline, Lily, Matt (Lily’s husband), Willow, Sebastian, Rainier, Frederique, Thierry, Marta, and Giselle.

For Holly Ball 2022, Giselle (11) and Marta (13) volunteered with their Grandma for a total of 45 hours. They helped at the three “warehouse nights” weeks prior to the event, with event set-up two days before, and at the event, they helped to light all the candles on the tables. Some of their volunteer duties included putting the igloo together , cutting beads for centerpieces, painting the big HB letters, wrapping blocks to look like big gift boxes, counting chair covers, ironing tablecloths and decorating trees.

We have so much fun volunteering with Grandma. She picks us up, and we were often the first ones at the warehouse, so we’d sit in her car, chat, laugh and sometimes sing until we see the door open. Afterwards, we’d go out for ice cream so that was a plus, too,” shared Giselle.

On the day of the event, they put on their best dresses and went with their Grandma to light all the candles on each table before the Holly Ball guests arrived. They were awed by the beauty and the satisfying feeling they had when they saw firsthand the final transformation. They also were excited to share the pride of their efforts with CentraCare CEO/President Dr. Ken Holmen who invited them to walk through the event to see the details and how they helped make the event come to life.

“We love being part of the volunteer team. Bringing such a large and magnificent event to life is the highlight of the entire process. Everyone has a blast together from start to finish in making the theme come to life — starting with the smallest details. Also, interacting with the guests while volunteering on the evening of the event is amazing,” added Marta.

We are so grateful to the Schullers and to all of our volunteers who help us bring Holly Ball to life each year!