Infusion Services - Redwood

We Offer A Flexible Schedule to Meet Your Needs

You want quality care and treatment close to home — especially when you need infusion therapy.

Certain conditions or diseases require infusion therapy in which medications are delivered directly into your vein through a needle or catheter. Infusions are used to treat patients when oral or injectable treatments aren’t effective. Some common IV infusions include IV fluids for dehydration, blood transfusions, IV antibiotics, or medications to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, anemias or auto-immune disorders.

Why Choose CentraCare for Infusion Therapy?

  • We provide flexible scheduling in a comfortable, relaxing space that includes personal televisions and heated, reclining chairs
  • We coordinate infusion therapy with local physicians or out-of-town specialty physicians to ensure you get the medications you need
  • We provide monthly port flushes, wound dressing changes and Cimzia and Prolia injections