Barbara's Story

“After a 5-month recovery, Paynesville woman goes home for Christmas.”

Just like the famous holiday tune by Bing Crobsy, Barbara Monks of Paynesville got her wish. She was "Home for Christmas."

In July 2016, she had a total knee replacement. Following her surgery, Barb had several infections and healing complications. The issues were so persistent that she was admitted into Koronis Manor Care Center a year after her surgery to aid the healing process.

Prior to her stay at Koronis Manor, she was also a patient of the CentraCare – Paynesville Hospital for wound care treatment.

"It's been a long road," said Barb. "But the employees here, and at the hospital, are simply wonderful people. I couldn't have wished for better care givers if I had hand-picked them myself."

Barbara has lived in Paynesville for more than 34 years. She grew up on the family farm and enlisted in the United States Women's Army Corp (WAC) in 1971.

Barb is no stranger to hard work and likes to be busy.

"They keep your hands and mind busy here," she said of Koronis Manor. "I really enjoyed being able to help with some baking activities. I also appreciated the excellent meals and how they were willing to accommodate my diet with food I enjoyed. Let me say, those ladies can really cook!"

Barb was discharged from Koronis Manor Care Center on Friday, December 15, and was looking forward to being home for the holidays and reuniting with her cat, Marbles.

"If I had to live somewhere until the good Lord calls me home, this is where I would want to be. Everyone made sure I was comfortable and taken care of each day. One a scale of 1-10, I'd have to give my care givers all a 20," said Barb.