Becky Wertish

Lifestyle Health
“You get used to the constant aching. But when it ramped up, it got to the point where I was miserable just standing.”

Can’t ‘Stand’ the Pain? Try Kinesio Taping

Being on your feet all day can be tough on anyone. However, for Big Lake resident Becky Wertish, it was especially painful. Becky has plantar fasciitis, a reoccurring and painful inflammation in the heel and bottom of the foot. The pain is especially bad in the mornings and makes walking or standing for long periods of time extremely difficult. But as a nurse practitioner, and mother of three teenage girls, slowing down wasn’t an option.

Becky took ibuprofen, bought insoles for her shoes, learned stretches, visited a podiatrist and even got a steroid injection. But despite her best efforts, Becky’s pain never resolved completely. “You get used to the constant aching,” she explained. “But when it ramped up, it got to the point where I was miserable just standing.”

As her pain grew worse, Becky considered another steroid injection. But then she went to Certified Massage Therapist, Shawn Linn, at Lifestyle Health. At an early visit, Shawn suggested Kinesio taping as a way to treat Becky’s plantar fasciitis. He explained, “Plantar fasciitis is a tough condition to treat, but Kinesio taping can help decrease inflammation and tension.” Two days after the tape was applied, Becky’s pain was almost completely gone. She marveled, “I couldn’t believe it after all these years.”

Now that Becky’s plantar fasciitis is under control, she’s enjoying work, camping with her family and reminiscing about a recent mission trip in Guatemala, all pain free. She’s back to living her busy life at full speed.