Kathy's Story

“My only regret was waiting a year too long before having surgery.”

St. Cloud Hospital completes more hip and knee replacements each year than most other hospitals our size in Minnesota.

When Kathy Hinkemeyer at age 48 needed surgery on her right knee, she looked to orthopedic surgeon Steven Mulawka, MD, and St. Cloud Hospital. Fellowship-trained surgeons, nationally certified nurses, and a dedicated unit with rehabilitation staff have made St. Cloud Hospital a national leader in orthopedic care. After years of stabbing pain, swelling and fluid in her knee, following total knee replacement surgery Kathy awoke to a leg that could straighten and nearly no discomfort. Now, the only reminder is a three-inch scar. Kathy, who loves the outdoors, has regained her active lifestyle in golf, snorkeling, boating and snowmobiling. “My only regret was waiting a year too long before having surgery,” Kathy said. She now is looking forward to having her left knee replaced, especially since St. Cloud Hospital uses the best and most up-to-date technology, including computer assisted navigation.