Weight Loss Surgery Sheds Weight, Medication for Benson Man

Weight Management

While seeing his toes again wasn’t the main goal for Robert Wolfington’s weight loss surgery, he admits it was a great feeling when he could.

Robert, age 56 of Benson, underwent bariatric (weight loss) surgery Dec. 20, 2012, after years of research and many unsuccessful weight loss attempts.

After being diagnosed with diabetes in 2001 and having heart bypass surgery in 2006, Robert realized he couldn’t accomplish what he wanted most on his own — getting back to a ”normal” weight and off of his diabetes medications.

“CentraCare is wonderful. It was the only place I wanted to have my weight loss surgery after my great experience with my heart bypass in 2006,” Robert said. “I am very pleased with my weight loss surgeon and his team. I have not had any bad experiences throughout this process.”

"Thanks to the weight loss, I no longer take any diabetes medications." -Robert Wolfington

While Robert admits weight loss is never easy, he believes he was well prepared. Before patients undergo surgery, CentraCare Weight Management requires that they lose a certain amount of weight through diet and exercise. Dietitians met regularly with Robert before surgery to help him keep on track and give him the tools and information needed for his weight loss journey.

“My dietitian kept me honest. She had me tracking what I ate for months leading up to my surgery, and now I continue to do it for my own accountability,” Robert said. “And thanks to the weight loss, I no longer take any diabetes medications.”

Robert says his biggest challenge after surgery has been finding clothes that fit. Since losing more than 75 pounds, he now fits into pants he hasn’t worn for 10 years. With his continued weight loss, he is looking forward to buying new clothes to fit his much smaller body.