Paperless Billing Communication Preferences

In an effort to deliver a more secure, convenient and eco-friendly way to view your billing details, all patients with a MyChart account are auto enrolled in paperless billing communications. This means that instead of receiving billing communications in the mail, an electronic version will be visible in your MyChart account under the Billing Summary. Patients who do not have a MyChart account or who previously opted-out of paperless billing will not be impacted.

MyChart Paperless Billing
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You will be notified when a new billing communication is available. Depending on how you set up your communication preferences in MyChart, you will receive a text and/or email letting you know new billing details are available.

Cancel Paperless Billing

To change back to paper billing communications, log in to MyChart, go to Billing Summary, and click the Cancel Paperless Billing hyperlink at the bottom of the screen.

What are billing communications?

Billing communications include all billing-related statements, letters, payment plans, estimates and itemized bills. When you opt-in or opt-out of paperless billing in MyChart, you are choosing to receive all billing communications in the manner you select.

Learn more about your MyChart communication preferences.

To review your MyChart communication preferences, log in to your MyChart account and navigate to Menu > Communication Preferences. If you would like to see specific billing preferences, view the Billing section.

Need help?

If you have questions about how to receive your bill or other billing communications, please reach out to Billing Customer Service at 320-255-5622.

For help getting access to your MyChart account, or for questions about updating your preferences, please reach out to MyChart Support at 320-240-7897.