Computed Tomography CT Cardiac Scoring

Cardiac Scoring is a non-invasive exam to detect the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries.

Heart disease may be detected by measuring the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries. As the amount of plaque in the arteries increases, they become narrower, an effect commonly known as “hardening of the arteries,” which increases the chances of a heart attack.

There is no preparation for the procedure.

During Your Procedure

  • Three electrodes will be placed on your chest.
  • You will be asked to hold your breath for approximately 20-30 seconds as images of your heart are taken.
  • The exam takes about 15 minutes.

After Your Procedure

  • The images are analyzed by a radiologist to determine the amount of calcified plaque present in your coronary arteries. This will be converted to a score.
  • You will receive a written report detailing the results of the exam.
  • You will also receive information explaining what your cardiac score means and if necessary, what to do next.
  • Your doctor will also receive a copy of the results.

Providing safe, quality patient care is our highest priority. To help ensure quality and safety, we ask that you do not bring young children with you to your appointments, as children are not allowed to accompany you during Imaging procedures. Staff is unable to monitor your child in your absence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your provider.

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