Parathyroid Scan

A parathyroid scan uses a radioactive tracer that is absorbed by the cells in the parathyroid glands to obtain an image of the glands and any abnormally active areas within them.

Before Your Procedure

  • Before the test, you should tell your physician if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • No special preparations are necessary for this test.

During Your Procedure

  • A radioactive substance (or tracer) is injected into a vein in your arm.
  • You will not feel any effects from the injection.
  • The first image will be acquired 10-15 minutes after the injection and will take approximately 5 minutes. You will be asked to lay on your back.
  • SPECT/CT images will be obtained approximately 1 hour later and will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • Length of the test is about 2 hours.

After Your Procedure

  • You can resume your normal activities.
  • Increase your fluid intake unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

The radioactive material used for this test is Tc99m Sestamibi.

Thank you for letting us perform your examination. Your images will be interpreted by Regional Diagnostic Radiologists (RDR). It is our goal to have your report available to your physician within 24 hours.

Your provider has requested we inform you that it may take him/her three to five working days before they notify you with results. If you have not been notified by the fifth working day, you may call your provider for the results. If you already have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your physician, they may wait to inform you of your results at that time.

If you have any questions about your procedure, please call your provider.

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