StarClose™ Closure Devices

What Is A StarClose™ Closure Device?

Following your catheterization procedure, your doctor closed the opening in the artery in your groin with a StarClose™ device. The procedure placed a clip in the femoral artery. The device was introduced through a small incision approximately ¼ inch in your groin.

After The Procedure

It is normal to have some soreness or tenderness from the incision site that may last 1 week. There may be mild oozing from the incision site. Possible bruising could last 2 weeks. Formation of a small lump (dime or quarter size) is possible and may last up to 6 weeks.

You may resume normal activity on the second day, letting pain be your guide. Limit lifting over 10 pounds for 4 days. You may shower 24 hours after the procedure. Remove the bandage from the hospital before showering. Gently clean site using soap and water while standing in the shower and dry thoroughly. You may apply an antibacterial ointment, i.e. Neosporin. Do not apply powders or lotions. Cover the site with a Band-Aid® or dressing that covers the entire area. Keep the site clean and dry to prevent infection. If the bandage becomes wet, remove it, and place a new one on the site. Inspect the site daily. Do not sit in a bathtub or pool of water for five days or until the wound has healed.

When To Call Your Doctor

Notify your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Significant bleeding that does not stop after 10 minutes of applying firm pressure directly on the incision.
  • Increased swelling of the groin or leg.
  • Unusual pain at the groin or down the leg.
  • Signs of infection, including redness, warm to the touch, drainage (other than a little blood on the bandage), poorly healing incision, fever or chills.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your provider.

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