CentraCare Bone Health Program

Welcome to the CentraCare Rehabilitation Bone Health Program. This program is designed to help patients with a known diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia maximize their bone density while decreasing fall and fracture risk.

Within the CentraCare Bone Health Program Guide (PDF), you will find important information about osteoporosis including risk factors, both modifiable and fixed and best treatment options. You will also find general information about aerobic activity, resistance training and spinal strengthening exercises.

With the guidance of your physical therapist, you will be prescribed an individualized home exercise program that specifies proper intensity, repetitions, sets and frequency of exercise. It is important that you stick to exercise long term to decrease the risk of the potential side effects of osteoporosis.

View our Bone Health Program introduction video.

To get started, select one of the following sections:

Weight-Bearing Activities
Strength Training Exercises
Spinal Conditioning

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