Patient Instructions for Children & Adolescents

What to Expect

Upon arriving at the Sleep Center, you and your child will be shown to your private room. You will then watch an educational video that describes obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Your technologist will assist you and answer any questions you may have.

The technologist will attach various sensors and monitoring leads to your child's body with paste, tape and adhesive patches. This process takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. When the test is over, your doctor will discuss the outcome of your sleep study and make recommendations based on the diagnostic information collected during the sleep study.

For Parents

You may remain in the room as needed to help your child settle in for the night. We would like your child to feel at home and be as comfortable as possible during the study, so please let us know if you have any special needs. We have a family room for parents to sleep.

We will wake your child between 6-7 a.m. the following morning.

How to Prepare

To ensure a quality study:

  • Bathe and shampoo your child’s hair before coming in for your appointment. Do not use styling gels, hair sprays, etc., after you shampoo.
  • Do not use any makeup, skin creams or conditioners on your body.
  • Please plan to have your evening meal at home and avoid caffeine after 2 p.m.
  • Talk with your child about the study to prepare him/her for the procedure.
  • Avoid naps the day of the test.

What to Bring

  • Completed questionnaire, sleep diary or any forms you were asked to complete.
  • Overnight kit with toiletries, including shampoo.
  • Medications normally taken before bed and the following day, including aspirin, antacids, insulin, etc. Medications are not available at the Sleep Center.
  • Any recognizable item that may make your child more comfortable, such as a pillow, blanket, toys, books, DVDs, music or snacks.
  • Sleepwear. We want you to be comfortable, so if your child is used to sleeping in his/her underwear, that’s fine.
  • Insurance card; we need to make a copy for our records.

Because we care about your health, there is no use of tobacco throughout the building and grounds. This includes e-cigarettes. Contact your provider with any concerns. Your provider may be able to prescribe a nicotine patch for you.

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