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Farmers Market Fresh Item

Week 5: Kale

All About It:

Kale is a hardy green.Kale is a hardy green that when planted, can survive when temps dip into the low 20s. But just because it can tolerate a cool spring in Minnesota, doesn’t mean you should forget about it when the weather grows warmer.

Kale can be grown all summer to make salads and smoothies. It can also be baked to make kale chips, which are arguably the healthiest snack food ever. And its ability to survive colder temperatures makes an ideal plant to grow in your fall garden too.

Just be careful when weeding around your kale plants. Its roots are close to the surface, so you could harm your plant if you dig too deep around it.


Salad with Sunflower Oil

Baked Kale Chips

Kale Green Smoothie

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