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Eating well at work

Published in Weight Management, For the Health of It

Between the breakroom, catered lunch meals, planned potlucks, vending machines, and the office candy jar — eating well at work can be tough! Being aware and mindful of food choices and the amount of time you spend sitting each day can make a huge impact on your health.

Be mindful

  • Are you experiencing true physical hunger? Is your stomach growling? Eat to satisfy your hunger — not because something looks or smells good.
  • Observe the color, texture, and smell of what you are eating. Eat it slowly and taste every bite.

Be thoughtful

  • Pack your own healthy lunch and snacks if going into the break room or cafeteria is too tempting.
  • Meal plan and meal prep! Extra time throughout the week? Plan your meals for the next work week.
  • Have a water bottle at your desk or work area with you. Aim to drink 64 oz. of water throughout the day.

Get moving

  • Park farther away.
  • Use your breaks to go for a quick walk.
  • Walk to your coworker’s office to talk rather than sending an email.
  • Use the restroom on the other side of the building or on a different floor.

Pace yourself

  • Catered lunch? Have smaller plates to help control portions. Larger dishes and plates tend to increase our portion sizes.
  • Office potluck? Bring a healthy dish that you can enjoy such as fresh fruit or a vegetable tray.
  • Eating lunch during a meeting? Distracted eating can cause us to eat too quickly — slow down and be mindful of what is on your plate.

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