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With Rising Costs, Be Familiar With Your Insulin Options

Published in Pharmacy, Diabetes Care, For the Health of It Author: Jessica Lind, PharmD, BCACP — Ambulatory Pharmacist

As a person with diabetes or someone who cares for a family member or friend with diabetes, you may have heard recent news stories about patients traveling to Canada to purchase insulin at more reasonable prices. It’s true, the cost of insulin has risen dramatically in recent years in the United States, leaving many to ration their insulin and risk further health concerns.

Short of making a trip to Canada to purchase insulin, you might be wondering what else you can do. Below are a few ideas to help you make insulin more affordable:

  • Research insulin cost options by calling local pharmacies ahead of time when paying out-of-pocket
  • If you are insured, make sure you are going to the preferred pharmacy specified by your insurance, if there is one.
  • Ask your provider if you could benefit from human insulin (NPH, Regular, Premixed N/R) instead of more costly brand name insulin products.If this is an option, your health care provider can give you more information to help you find out how managing your diabetes with this alternative would look like.
  • Visit manufacturer websites to see if manufacturer coupons are available for your specific insulin prescription. Many manufacturers also have patient assistance programs that you may qualify for.
  • Consider signing the ADA’s “Stand up for Affordable Insulin” petition
  • Contact your legislators and let them know about your concerns with the cost of insulin. Learn who is your representative.

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