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Massage: An investment in yourself

Published in Massage, For the Health of It Author: Theresa Lalim,CMT

I’m taking a “me” day. It’s about time I treat myself. I got this gift card, so I’m finally going to get a massage and just relax!

Does this sound familiar? Have you heard others say this or maybe you’re the one who has said something like this? Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a day for yourself or to spend some time and money on something that feels good. But for that to be the only way we see massage, as a luxury, we are doing ourselves a real disservice.

Sure, massage does make you feel good and it is relaxing. But there are so many reasons to get a massage on a regular basis that it’s a little silly it isn’t on everyone’s calendar. The muscular system directly affects all the other systems in the body, yet it seems to be the most neglected. Massage can address many things at once including stress, headaches, neck pain, back pain, foot pain, tendonitis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, inflammation, scar tissue, and so much more.

Why are we limiting ourselves to only using it for relaxation? Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? A good massage therapist can address that for you. Do you have a constant pain in your back that you just can’t reach? Look to massage for relief. Did you have a car accident that has left you feeling broken? Massage can be one of the best things to reverse the damage that has been done.

Massage can work great to fix problems, but it works even better as a preventative measure. If we would get a massage before we have that headache or back pain, we can prevent it from happening all together. It really is true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We get regular oil changes and tire rotations on our cars to prevent it from breaking down, yet we can buy a new car if we want. Doesn’t it make sense to use a little preventative maintenance on the only body we have? Do yourself a favor and resist looking at massage as a luxury and start to see it for what it is, an all-inclusive preventative and restorative treatment for some of the most common conditions in humankind. You deserve more than to feel good only once a year. Make the best investment you could ever make for yourself — an investment in your health. Your body and mind will thank you.