St. Cloud Hospital Dietetic Internship Program

Are you considering applying to our program? We’d love to meet you! We can answer your questions, offer 1:1 or small group hospital tours, as well as meet & greets with preceptors and current interns.

For more information, contact our Program Director, Sierra.

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Are you considering applying to our program? We’d love to meet you! We can answer your questions, offer 1:1 or small group hospital tours, as well as meet & greets with preceptors and current interns. Video meetings also available. For more information, please contact the Program Director at QuarnstromS@centracare.com

Program Information & Location

The St. Cloud Hospital Dietetic Internship Program is diverse and fast-paced with a special focus on medical nutrition therapy. Our mission is to prepare graduates to enter the field as competent, entry-level registered dietitians, with expertise in medical nutrition therapy, who put the care of people above all. Our internship is a stand-alone program that provides multiple pathways for interns to become eligible to take the CDR registration examination for registered dietitians.

St. Cloud is located in Central Minnesota about 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis with a population of over 67,000.

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Program Quick Facts
Program Length: 8 months (Full Time), 11 months (Part Time)
Class Size: Up to 10 per year (including up to 6 part time)
Program Concentration: Medical Nutrition Therapy
Graduate Credit Provided? No
Graduate Degree Required for Admission? No. See the preselect pathways outlined below.
Preselect Option? Yes
Prior Learning Credits Accepted? Yes
D&D Matching Code: Full Time MNT: 784, Part Time MNT: 787

Pathways to SCH DI

Preselect Option with the University of Minnesota MPS Program

  • Apply in January or August 2024. See Requirements & Matching Details (PDF) for more details.
  • Need to show proof of acceptance into U of MN MPS in SCH DI application.
  • Complete the U of MN’s 12-month MPS program first, and then complete SCH DI.
    • Can choose full-time or part-time DI track.
    • Eligible for RD Exam within 2 years.

Preselect Option with one of our affiliated 100% online master’s programs: Andrews University, Ohio University, and Rosalind Franklin University

  • Apply by the second Monday in January 2024. See Requirements & Matching Details (PDF) for more details.
  • Full-Time DI Track: must have more than or equal to 20% of graduate degree requirements complete at time of application to SCH DI.
  • Part-Time DI Track: need only to show proof of acceptance into one of these programs.

Dietetic Internship only

This program has been granted accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) for the 2020-2028 period.

Mailing Address:
120 Riverside Plaza, Suite 2190
Chicago, IL, 60606
Phone: 312-899-5400

Testimonials From Previous Interns

“I gained my confidence after completing staff relief. It was very intimidating thinking about taking on the patient list on my own, but once I got through the first day, I knew I was comfortable and given the knowledge to succeed.”

“A big part of what makes this program so incredible is that every person I worked with cared so much about my learning.”

“Our clinical rotations were so hands on, and I felt like I was equipped to perform as an entry-level RD during staff relief.”

“I feel like after completing this internship, I am ready to become an entry level dietitian. This internship not only helped give me the extra knowledge I need but helped me gain the extra confidence I need to be successful in a career."

“I felt well-guided throughout the program and the organization was great."

“I liked the variety of experiences that I got through my rotations, as well as the variety of preceptors."

"I always felt like the dietitians treated me with respect and trusted me to do the job well."

"I feel extremely prepared to be an entry-level dietitian! I was exposed to such a great variety of rotations, settings and preceptors that I feel I could hop into any field and do just fine. There were so many hands-on opportunities, which definitely will help my confidence as I move forward."

“I loved how we had rotations in separate areas so we knew what to prepare for and focus on for those couple weeks. Smaller hospitals don’t have the ability to break up into units, and I think that was a huge advantage for us!”

“The St. Cloud Hospital DI Program has amazing preceptors that are patient, kind and genuinely care about taking the time to mold you into the future RD that you will become. The variety and strength of the dietetic rotations provided throughout the program are invaluable as you prepare to enter your career in dietetics.”

“The wide variety of rotations that SCH DI Program has to offer has been so great to be able to dip my toes into each area of dietetics and help guide me in the direction and area where I feel is meant to be.”

“I am SO very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this internship and to have such wonderful preceptors. I feel like I have learned so much in the last year and appreciate the encouragement from each dietitian to be confident and trust what I know.”