Estimates & Pricing

CentraCare is committed to supporting your health care journey. Our goal is to ease financial stress through price transparency. Since 2021, one way we have done this is by providing estimates to our patients prior to their scheduled visits.

CentraCare also offers pricing information so you can understand potential medical expenses and seek financial support ahead of your appointment or procedure.


An estimate is the anticipated out-of-pocket cost of a medical service a patient is scheduled to receive, based on factors such as the staffing and equipment needed to provide the service.

Estimates include any co-pays and applicable discounts, such as uninsured and financial assistance discounts.

Introducing a New Estimate Experience

We’re making it easier to review and pay your estimates!

Estimates help you understand and plan for your medical expenses before your scheduled visit.

Starting June 4, 2024, our new digital experience takes you from review to pay in an easy-to-use interface.

Questions about an estimate? Call 320-255-5616

Receiving and Requesting Estimates

Receiving Estimates

Most patients receive estimates within three days of scheduling an appointment. Estimates are sent via text, email or mail. You can update your estimate notification preferences any time at

You may not receive an estimate if you schedule an appointment three or fewer days in advance. Additionally, insured patients may not automatically receive estimates for some services.

Requesting Estimates

You always have the option to request estimates through our Patient Price Estimate Request form. Our Patient Benefit Assistance team will review your request and respond within 48 hours.

There is also a tool in MyChart that allows patients to create estimates for many of the most common services provided by CentraCare.

If you have questions regarding requesting an estimate, please call our Patient Benefit Assistance team at 320-251-2700 ext. 53129.

Estimates Versus Bills

Estimates are created when a medical service is scheduled and are based on the scheduled service. Estimates provide price transparency and an opportunity for you to discuss financial support options (including no-interest payment plans) prior to receiving care. Final bills are generated after you receive a service and are based on the service received.

If you pay an estimate and the final bill is lower than the estimate, the overpayment will first go to any outstanding balance you have with CentraCare. Any remaining amount will be refunded.

If a final bill is at least $400 more than an estimate, according to the law, self-pay patients may be eligible to dispute the bill through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). More details can be found at

Are estimates accurate?

A majority of CentraCare’s estimates are within $50 of the final bill.

Pay an Estimate or Copay

Why should I pay an estimate?

Preparing for out-of-pocket expenses before your scheduled appointment or procedure ensures you can get financial help if you need it.

Making a down payment or setting up a payment plan gives you more flexibility to budget for the expense and pay on your timeline before you ever receive a final bill.

What are my payment options?

There are two ways to pay an estimate or copay:

  1. Pay in full.
  2. Make a down payment.

Where/how can I pay an estimate or co-pay?

To make a payment in one of the two ways listed above, click View Estimate when you receive a communication about estimates via text or email. Follow the prompts, including verifying your identity and contact information. When you see the Review Estimate screen, choose your preferred payment option.

Additional Information on Estimates

If you have additional questions about estimates, please see our Estimates FAQs, or contact our financial counselors at 320-255-5616.

Good Faith Estimate Disclosure: You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” (or, “estimate”), explaining how much your medical care will cost. For questions or more information about your right to an estimate, visit or call our Patient Benefit Assistance team at 320-251-2700, ext. 53129.

For Representatives From Other Health Care Organizations

You may submit a Convening Provider Estimate Request form to receive a Good Faith Estimate for services performed by CentraCare clinicians at non-CentraCare locations. We will review your information and respond to you within the guidelines set by the No Surprises Act.


Each CentraCare hospital and clinic uses standard prices for services, so that all patients receiving care at a particular hospital or clinic are charged the same amount for services. Estimates are built from these standard service prices. Estimates also incorporate the terms of your insurance coverage or self-pay status to determine the contractual amount owed to CentraCare, as well as your out-of-pocket costs for copays and deductibles.

For more information, insured patients can contact their health insurance providers to learn about their coverage and benefits. Uninsured patients can refer to the information above regarding estimates.

Clinic Pricing

In compliance with Minnesota law, every primary care clinic that specializes in family medicine, general internal medicine, gynecology or general pediatrics is required to post the clinic’s top 25 procedures over $25.

Click on a clinic location below to see the charges associated with these procedures, as well as the average amounts reimbursed by insurance, Medicare and Medical Assistance.

Depending on your health insurance, hospital-based clinics may charge a separate facility fee, which could result in a higher out-of-pocket expense. The following locations are affected:

  • CentraCare – Coborn Cancer Center
  • CentraCare – Monticello Specialty Clinic
  • CentraCare – Plaza Rehabilitation
  • CentraCare – Rice Memorial Hospital Infusion Therapy Clinic located at Willmar Main Clinic
  • CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital Addiction Services
  • CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital Behavioral Health
  • CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital Clara’s House
  • CentraCare – St. Cloud Hospital Rheumatology
  • CentraCare Digestive Center
  • CentraCare Paynesville – Eden Valley Clinic
  • CentraCare Wound Center in St. Cloud and Monticello

Hospital Pricing

What is a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)? DRGs use diagnoses and procedures to categorize inpatient stays and are often used to determine how CentraCare (and other health systems) is reimbursed by insurance companies. Below is pricing information for hospital services, broken down by hospital location and Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). These files contain the average price that was charged for the patients who fell into each DRG category, as well as the number of patients seen in each category.

As of January 2021, all hospitals are required to provide pricing information in a single downloadable file to improve price transparency for consumers. View pricing information for each of our CentraCare facilities.

To learn more about hospital pricing, visit the Minnesota Hospital Association's Hospital Price Check web site. You can search for both inpatient and outpatient procedures.

Additional Information on Pricing

Understanding Health Care Prices: A Consumer Guide is available for download in both English and Spanish from the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Financial Support

Click here to learn more about financial support options.

Bill Pay

Pay your CentraCare bill securely online. Securely pay bills by credit/debit card, electronic check payment (ACH), Apple Pay or Google Pay, or select a payment plan that works best for you.

You can also pay your bill at your appointment check-in, via the mail or by calling our 24/7 secured and automated pay-by-phone service at 888-291-2164.