Let’s Keep Up the Good.

The worst pandemic in a century brought out the best in people. You were there when you were needed and that’s why we’ll be here for you, always. For everyone who’s stepped up for our community — we’re truly grateful.

For Our Essential Workers

Essential workers like James Maus and Dawn Johnson at Coborn’s worked tirelessly to keep our shelves stocked with produce despite constant shortages. For them and so many others, we’re grateful.

For the Devoted Parents

Parents like Meghan and Tony Dingmann juggled remote work while making the most of teachable moments with their kids. From baking a batch of muffins from scratch to planting seedlings for a vegetable garden, the kids thrived during uncertain times. For them and so many others, we’re grateful.

For Our Frontline Workers

Health care providers like Hani Jacobson, RN, showed up everyday to give their best. From translating complex medical documents for the Somali-speaking community to sharing critical health information on a local radio network. For her and so many others, we’re grateful.

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