CentraCare - River Campus Clinic

About This Location

Our team of health care professionals provide primary care and specialty medicine. Our clinic offers full imaging and laboratory capabilities and has a nearby pharmacy with a drive-up window.

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For an appointment, please call the numbers indicated below by specialty:

  • Infectious diseases (disorders due to infection) 320-240-2204
  • Internal Medicine (medical care for adults) 320-240-2203
  • Nephrology (kidney disorders) 320-240-2206
  • Neurology (brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle disorders) 320-240-2829
  • Neurosurgery (surgery for brain and nerve disorders) 320-240-2836
  • Pain Medicine (chronic pain, opioid transition clinic) 320-240-7859
  • Pulmonary Medicine (Chest, lung and breathing disorders) 320-240-2207
  • Surgery (General, thoracic, laparoscopic, oncology and trauma) 320-252-3342
  • Weight Management (medical, surgical, nutrition and coaching) 320-240-2828 or 800-835-6652 toll-free
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