CentraCare - River Campus Clinic

About This Location

Our team of health care professionals provide primary care and specialty medicine. Our clinic offers full imaging and laboratory capabilities and has a nearby pharmacy with a drive-up window. We are conveniently located next to St. Cloud Hospital and connected by a skywalk.

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For an appointment, please call the numbers indicated below by specialty:

  • Infectious diseases (disorders due to infection) 320-240-2204
  • Internal Medicine (medical care for adults) 320-240-2203
  • Nephrology (kidney disorders) 320-240-2206
  • Neurology (brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle disorders) 320-240-2829
  • Neurosurgery (surgery for brain and nerve disorders) 320-240-2836
  • Pain Medicine (chronic pain, opioid transition clinic) 320-240-7859
  • Pulmonary Medicine (Chest, lung and breathing disorders) 320-240-2207
  • Surgery (General, thoracic, vascular, laparoscopic, oncology and trauma) 320-252-3342
  • Weight Management (medical and surgical) 320-240-2828 or 800-835-6652 toll-free
  • Vascular Center (issues due to abnormal flowing of blood) 320-255-5855

For general questions, not directed to one of these specialties, please call 320-252-5131.

Additional Information

Parking is available in front of the building. Enter the building at the southwest entrance (on the same side of the building as the main entrance, but does not have the canopy). Take the elevator to the lower level. When you get off the elevator, follow signs to Dialysis, located on the left.
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