Nursing - Professional Practice Model

The Compass: St. Cloud Hospital’s Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Compass

What is a professional practice model (PPM) and why do we need it?

A professional practice model describes how registered nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally. It defines what is important to RNs and drives current and future nursing practice at St. Cloud Hospital. By defining the components of the St. Cloud Hospital PPM, the foundation of professional nursing practice is described. The framework of our PPM guides the nursing strategic plan, identifying clear goals and expectations for all professional RNs. Through the PPM, we achieve optimal patient outcomes.

“Guided by our compass, the nursing excellence journey continues,” Linda Chmielewski, MS, RN, NEA-BC; former Vice President, Hospital Operations, Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing Compass

Patient-and Family-Centered Care

An approach to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care, patient- and family-centered care is organized around the needs and priorities of patients and their families. It is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among patients, families, and the health care team. A patient’s family is however the patient defines it. We actively partner with the patient and family to develop the plan of care. Patient- and family-centered care applies to patients of all ages, and it may be practiced in any health care setting.

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