Addiction Services at CentraCare

Hope, Healing and Recovery

Problematic substance use can be a destructive disease which can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging to overcome. At CentraCare, we believe it is possible to regain hope, heal from the disease of substance use and any additional mental health issue to live a healthy life of recovery. CentraCare provides confidential and non-judgmental help by experienced, knowledgeable and caring professionals. We are person-centered, trauma-informed, culturally responsive and recovery-oriented in our focus.

At CentraCare, we offer a variety of ways to help adults working on their substance use.

Adult Addiction Services

  • Outpatient Addiction Services:
    • Provide integrated services of mental health therapy with substance use treatment.
    • Individualized and personalized care planning approach
    • Varying levels of outpatient group therapy with day and evening programming available
    • Evidence-based education by experienced licensed alcohol and drug counselors and mental health professionals
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Timely chemical dependency evaluations
  • Addiction Medicine Clinic: Medication Assisted Therapies (MAT), tobacco cessation, in-person and virtual visits

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For Providers:
• St. Cloud - Adult Addiction Referral Information (PDF)

Medication Assisted Therapy

Help is available at CentraCare for medication assisted therapy for drug and alcohol abuse if you need it. Your primary care provider may even be able to meet your addiction care needs.
There is no wrong place to receive the treatment. Feel free to call:

Featured Patient Story

Sandy’s Story Addiction Services Patient Story
"I was 57 and at the end of my rope. I felt helpless and hopeless. I thought I would surely die a drunken mess. But God saved me — physically, mentally and spiritually."
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