CentraCare Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Services

Breathe Easier. We Are Here.

When you or someone you love suffers from allergies or asthma, you want relief. And you want your life back. We understand this, and we’re here to help. Every day we partner with adults, children and their families to customize a care plan that helps them live the fullest life possible. CentraCare Allergy & Immunology doctors provide care at locations in St. Cloud, Melrose and Willmar.

Our Allergists Are Experts Who:

  • Diagnose and manage allergies and asthma
  • Test for allergies
  • Offer allergy shots
  • Provide breathing test (spirometry) that measures air flow through lungs
  • Educate on asthma care
  • Develop action plans to help you better control your asthma
  • Evaluate and treat immune deficiency in kids and adults

Diagnosing Allergies & Asthma – The First Step to Feeling Better

When allergies or asthma first appear — which can happen at any age — it can be scary. The good news is that allergy and asthma testing is more convenient and accurate than ever before. We can help you identify what’s triggering your allergies or aggravating your asthma. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help.

What is Immunology?

Immunology involves the management of conditions caused by immune deficiency. People with immune deficiency have infections that come back often or are hard to cure. Warning signs of immune deficiency include:

  • Recurring infections such as ear, sinus, skin, thrush or pneumonia
  • Taking antibiotics for two or more months
  • For kids, difficulty gaining weight or growing normally
  • Family history of immune deficiency disorders

Call 320-654-3650 to schedule an appointment. We accept most insurance.

Shot Clinics Provide Added Convenience

Once you’ve seen an allergist and received a recommendation that includes allergy shots, you can choose from many of our locations to receive them. Specialists at our shot clinics ensure your safety and well-being in the unlikely event you develop complications that require additional attention.

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