Patient Stories - Diabetes Care

Wayne Carson

“I would like to thank CentraCare for giving me a chance,” Wayne said. “In order to learn and improve I needed to see it, hear it and respond to it. That’s exactly what they offered me – visuals, one-one-one learning and practice.”

Mark Daniels

“They treated me like an individual, not like a number,” he said. “Christina helped me customize a food plan that worked best for me. She listens to me and respects my ideas and input. She often sends me links on topics she knows will interest me or recipes she thinks I’d like. I know that she really cares.”

Steve Wischmann

"I knew I did not want to be insulin-dependent forever. I got connected with CentraCare Diabetes Center and they taught me everything — from counting carbs to proper exercise, to diet and a healthy new routine. I lost over 100 pounds and I am now completely off all diabetic medications and insulin.”

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