CentraCare Hospitalists

What Does a Hospitalist Do?

Think of a hospitalist as your doctor while you are in the hospital – the person who will oversee your medical care and refer you for other services as necessary.

Our hospitalists work closely with your primary care clinician and provides updates on any changes in your health. When you leave the hospital, the hospitalist will give your primary doctor an overview of your hospital stay and instructions for further care.

An adult hospitalist has completed medical school and a residency – usually in internal medicine. They provide skilled medical care to patients and are available for patient and family consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They work collaboratively with the primary physician or other specialists as needed to ensure consistent care, and they keep the referring physician informed during the patient's hospital stay.

If you have a child in the hospital, a pediatric hospitalist may be providing the care. With patients ranging in age from newborn to 18 years, pediatric hospitalists care for children with a wide variety of health care needs. Pediatric hospitalists have completed medical school and pediatric residency training.

What Are the Benefits of Being Referred to a Hospitalist?

Studies have shown that hospitalist programs can improve the quality and consistency of care. Hospitalists help to coordinate your care with other members of the health care team. Since they are at the hospital around the clock, they are readily available to meet your family members, answer questions and provide community resources.