In close collaboration with medical and radiation oncology at Coborn Cancer Center, CentraCare neurosurgeons provide surgery for patients with brain or spine cancers. In addition to the traditional neurosurgical procedures, we also offer endoscopic and open skull-based procedures, as well as Linac-based SRS. Intraoperative imaging tools include the latest generations of optical and magnetic image-guided systems, as well as Leica microscopes with heads-up displays for 5ALA-induced tumor fluorescence.

We are one of few hospitals in Minnesota that is authorized to use Gleolan, an oral medication given to patients with certain brain tumors before surgery. The medication causes the tumor to glow bright pink under a blue light to help the surgeon separate tumor tissue from healthy brain, meaning more tumor can be safely removed. We have access to the full spectrum of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, allowing awake craniotomies in select patients.

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