Patient Stories – Wound Care

Inspiring Stories from Patients with Chronic Wounds

Tauna Quimby

“What I really appreciated was the Wound Center’s ability to work around my schedule so I could go into the clinic first thing in the morning. I was able to work full time the entire time I was doing that.” Read Tauna’s story.

Bernice (Bunny) Noble

“The staff at the Wound Center became like family to me.” Read Bunny’s story.

Dereck Stockman

“They got me in right away and really knew what they were doing. I am thankful for the care I received and for making a full recovery.” Read Derek’s story.

Jim Waltman

“I started receiving HBOT five times a week for three months; it made all the difference in the world.” Read Jim’s story.

Anne Walz

“The staff there was terrific. They took such great care of me.” Read Anne’s story.

Dee Ochs

“I knew I was in good hands after my first experience at the Monticello Wound Center.” Read Dee’s story.

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Woman’s Radiation Wound Healing With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Patient Stories Patient Story
"I felt like real-life Sleeping Beauty while I was laying there. Your ears kind of pop a little bit like you’re on an airplane, but you just lay there and breathe the air."
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