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Patient Stories

Why wait for that hip or knee replacement you’ve been thinking about? Like these patients, you too can DO IT ALL.

Arnie Berscheid, Grey Eagle

ankle replacements

"I've elk hunted in Colorado every year since my ankle replacements. If I hadn't had them replaced, I wouldn't be able to walk."

ankle replacement.arnie

Bob Larson, Isle

reverse shoulder replacement, age 64

"I can do things without pain — bow hunt, golf and ride motorcycle. I'd given them up a year before my surgery. I'm extremely happy with the results."

Bob Larson, reverse shoulder replacement

Judith Seitz, Sartell

knee replacement, age 70

"This surgery was a life-saving thing for me.”

Judith, knee replacement

Kathy Hinkemeyer, St. Cloud

knee replacement, age 48

"My only regret was waiting a year too long before having surgery."


Rosie Thell, Freeport

knee replacement, age 47

"When I woke up, the deep aching pain of many years was gone.”


Cliff Teigen, St. Joseph

2 hip replacements and a knee replacement, age 56

"As an avid barefoot waterskiier — not only was I back on the water barefoot skiing 4 weeks after surgery, but playing tennis and living life the only way I know how — actively."


Brett Pinkerton, Sartell

hip replacement

"Not having the chronic ache in my hip joint is such a gift!"


Paul Conrad, Albany

knee replacement, age 46

"There is no more pain and I can be active again."


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